The quality of the coating is dependent on different parameters i.e. the base paper, the coating device and the used raw materials of the coating and their variability.

The rheology of the coating colour has a significant effect on the coating.
It is possible to optimize the quality and the runability of the coating colour adapted on the existing conditions by contolling the rheology. In some cases, it is not only possible to increase the quality and the runability of the coating and therefore decrease the costs, but also optimize the formulation of the coating colour and therefore decrease the costs of the coating colour itself.

Due to constantly raising production speeds, rheological demands on coating colours are increasing. Additionally, costs for raw materials and energy are steadily increasing. Formulations of high solids content allow cost savings; however, in this case the risk of rheological coating defects  increases. Therefore, there is an urgent need for products that control the rheological behaviour of coating colours in every way.

To meet these new requirements, highly effective Acroflex® products are available to control the rheology of coating colours, Which leads to improved runability, coverage, gloss, smoothness, and printability of coated paper and board.