Acroflex® to control the Rheology

With our products from the Acroflex® series, we are able to control the rheology of your coating colour adapted to your needs, your coating device, the raw materials and the requirements on the coating - respectively the coated paper.

Benefits under use of Acroflex®

  •  lower blade pressure
  •  better runability
  •  longer blade lifetime
  •  no feathering
  •  no rod spitting
  •  no rheological and Blade strikes 
  •  reduced misting and orange peel on MFP
  •  improved calanderability - better stiffness
  •  higher print gloss
  •  reduced gloss mottling
  •  uniform binder distribution - reduced mottling

Using Acroflex®, higher solids contents can be handled allowing a significant reduction of binder contents. Additionally, a reduction of drying energy can be achieved. This leads to a higher pigment density resulting in a better coverage, smoothness and gloss.

Therefore, when using Acroflex® in addition to increasing quality, runability, and the resulting cost savings, other cost savings can be achieved.

If it is desired by the customer we can screen the whole formulation on possible cost savings and prepare some proposals for optimized formulations.