Research & Development

An important part for success is the development of innovative and efficient products.

During the development of our products, we focus on the goals and applications to be achieved.

Our products are used in many different fields. In the manufacture and refinement of standard papers and board, as well as in the production and finishing of specialty papers and boards of various kinds.

The target in all cases is to reach specific quality characteristics with costs which are as low as possible. Here low costs are not only a question of using raw materials with a low price but also a high performance of the machine with low energy costs and without failures based on technical or quality troubles.

Depending on the application, the focus is set differently. While in the production of standard papers and boards the target is clearly set on possible cost reductions, the specialties focus on the achievement or optimization of certain quality features.

In all cases, several influencing factors play a major role in the manufacturing of different papers and boards. In addition to the properties of our products, the raw materials used and the production technology available on-site are also crucial for the achievement of the planned targets.

The use of off-the-shelf products is often only possible to a limited extent. Rather, the products have to be adapted to the desired targets and the currently prevailing conditions on site in order to achieve the best possible result.

To develop these products, our development team (basic research and development of new products, further development of existing products in reference to efficiency and adjusting to the changing conditions and the different production possibilities of our customers) are working in close cooperation assisted by our employees of the application technique and our field managers.

This warranted a customer oriented development edited on the targets which have to be reached and the existing production possibilities, within a short time.

By request and under strict confidentiality we also make special development projects together with our customers.