Corporate Policy

Our slogan “The solution for your paper“ includes the core of our corporate philosophy. First of all, we want to support our customers in fulfilling their tasks successfully with innovative solutions.

We emphasize that it is not enough to just offer off-the-shelf products. Rather we deem it necessary to meet the special needs of each customer by adjusting or redeveloping the products, if required.

We do not just want to be a supplier for our customers but also an important contact in all matters by supporting them in solving their problems as well as in optimizing production processes regarding costs, quality and performance, even beyond the already existing applications. 

With these qualities, we want to permanently distinguish ourselves in a hard competition and are convinced that we are only able to permanently meet the requirements for being an important and valuable partner for our customers on this basis.

We are convinced that the fundamentals for achieving these goals are:

  • Satisfied customers.
  • Motivated, committed and content employees in a stable working environment.
  • Dealing fair and trustingly with our customers and suppliers. 
  • A high and stable quality level of our products and a high service level. 
  • The continuous improvement and further development of our skills, products and processes and new development of innovative products and systems by orienting ourselves on the needs of our customers.
  • The process design under the aspect of sustainable management and the careful handling of resources. 

Based on our actions in accordance with these principles, the executive management defines the corporate policies, which are a guideline for all employees of CTP.