Cooperation and management policies

  • Our cooperation is characterized by mutual appreciation. Our conduct is fair and we uphold a positive working atmosphere.
  • Appreciating the person is just as important to us as recognizing good performances and results.
  • Mutual respect and acceptance, openness, honesty as well as trust in dealing with each other are basic characteristics of our corporate culture.
  • We value an open and trusting communication. It is supported by the awareness of being able to learn from each other. We listen to our employees and colleagues and provide open feedback. We openly address conflicts and search for fair solutions. The objective is to encourage performance as well as maintaining and developing motivation through recognition and valuable suggestions. 
  • The identification with the field of responsibility is encouraged by transferring project works and decision-making powers to the employee to an adequate extent. 
  • Acting responsible in line with the overall company characterizes our cooperation.
  • Continuous enhancement of social, professional and methodical competences is necessary to maintain the performance of our company. We promote strength and performance through selected tasks as well as targeted continued education and advanced training offerings. Investing in qualification and competence is an integral part of our personnel work.
  • Each employee has the responsibility to promote and claim these policies at all levels, this specifically applies to the executives.