Principles of conduct

Our employees represent the company wherever they meet other people. It is our firm intention to always act in accordance with the law, customs and trading practices of the different nations to which our customers belong and our own implemented code of conduct.

Equal rights

CTP commits itself to act in accordance with the principles of the “Allgemeinen Gleichbehandlungsgesetzes“ (AGG) (General law on equal treatment). We reject any form of discrimination of persons regarding their descent, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, origin or their age, gender or disability.

For reasons of easier readability without any intention to discriminate, the masculine form is predominantly used in documents / contracts. Basically, all genders are included.

Child labor

According to ILO Minimum Age Convention 138, any economic activity of a person with an age of less than 15 years is designated as child labor.

We do not endorse the use of children as workers or the attempt to legitimize child labor.

Forced labor

According to ILO (Article 2 (1) of the Convention on Compulsory and Compulsory Labor, 1930), any work or service required by a person under the threat of a punitive measure against their will is regarded as compulsory labor under ILO (1930).
We will not tolerate any form of compulsory service of a person regardless of age, sex, nationality or religion.

Disciplinary measures

According to Art. 1 (1) and Art. 2 (2), of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany the human dignity is inviolable and every person shall have the right to physical integrity.
We are not tolerated by disciplinary measures involving any form of corporal punishment, sexual harassment, mental or verbal use of force.

Working time and remuneration

We undertake to comply with the applicable laws and industry standards regarding working hours. Further, we also ensure that the wages paid are at least equivalent to the statutory standards.

Conduct for dealing with business partners and third parties

We comply with the rules of fair competition and do not make arrangements, which influence prices and conditions or improperly restrict fair competition in any manner.   The regulations of the “Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen“ (GWB) (Restriction of Competition Act) constitute the legal framework for us. Our employees are committed to comply with the rules of the cartel and competition law. We expect that our business partners also adhere to the rules of the Restriction of Competition Act. 

Gifts and invitations

Our relationship with suppliers, customers and other business partners are based on fair-trading.  
Business decisions are made on the basis of rational facts.  Gifts and invitations may affect our ability to make business decisions without conflicts of interest. 

When giving presents the rules of “Corporate Governance Compliance“ of the respective business partner must be considered.

Confidentiality and data protection

We respect the privacy of our employees and comply with the legal provision of data protection (federal and states).  Business, operational and customer related data are subject to confidentiality.  Each employee must comply with the obligations resulting from the employment contract and adhere to the guidelines and company rules when processing company data.

In case of questions, regarding data protection the CEO is available at all times.

Business relations

CTP expects of each employee and of all business partners that they comply with the standards of ethical business conduct. Situations, which might lead to a conflict between personal and company interests, must be avoided. 
Only factual criteria may be included in assessing the selection of customers and suppliers as well as all other business relations. Bribery, corruption and personal benefits are not part of our good business practice.

Company property

The company provides working equipment, technical and social factory facilities, which may only be used for operational purposes. Exceptions require special approval.
The careful and professional treatment of working and operational equipment is self-evident for all employees.