Definition: “The degree to which a set of inherent characteristics of an object fulfils requirements” (DIN EN ISO 9000:2015-11)

Following the definition, quality is a property, which describes any material, immaterial and imaginary objects. Consequently, this affects all economic actions. 

The management of the CTP GmbH provides all necessary resources for the continued maintenance of our high quality standards. It accompanies all important processes and encourages and demands quality awareness of each employee. This way the management ensures that all persons working for the company pursue the common goal of an effective quality management. The continuing improvement of process flows and open communication makes it possible to constantly optimize and evaluate the effectiveness of the quality management system (QMS). Our declared objective is customer satisfaction through the quality of our products and services.

In addition to the formal claim for quality defined by regulatory requirements, “quality” means to the customer that his needs and implicit expectations on the product as well as additionally connected services are fulfilled. Only when all of these demands and expectations are known is it possible for the product to meet the desired quality. 

Our business model is designed to fulfil these prerequisites.

We offer our products designed to meet the requirements of the customer. If necessary, products are optimized in cooperation with the customer to fulfil his needs or we develop new products.

Close contact to the customer regarding the selection or development of the product and also in the implementation and application ensure a steady mutual communication. Possible changes to product requirements can thus be identified and a purposeful optimization realized. 

Experienced application consultants and account managers are specifically selected to ensure that they are able to understand and substantiate the needs of our customers. In addition to excellent professional skills, we mainly consider practical experience as employee in the paper industry to ensure that we speak and understand the language of our customers.

We believe this is essential for understanding the problems and requirements of our customers and also for satisfying our aspiration to continuously improve our products and services.