Polyclean for Passivation of Drying fabrics and Cans

Polyclean was specially developed to prevent deposits on drying cylinders, drying fabrics and guide rolls. The polymer will be applied undiluted as a thin film by using a specially designed applicator, the PCA, to the surface to be treated. Polyclean forms over the entire machine width a continuous "non-stick coating" which prevents the tearing out of fibers, fines and fillers from the paper surface.

The advantages of using Polyclean 6100 are:

  • clean drying cylinders, doctor blades, drying fabrics and rolls
  • more uniform moisture profile
  • reduction in specific steam consumption, lower energy costs
  • reduced cleaning time
  • significantly less dust in the dry end
  • increase in temperature of the drying cylinder, thereby increasing the speed
  • less dust on the paper surface, especially advantageous for printing papers
  • less sheet breaks

Example: Passivation of drying fabric

Example: Passivation of cans