Principles for occupational safety

Our employees are our decisive success factor and are therefore our main concern. Thus, occupational safety, health and physical integrity of our employees are one of our key requirements.

  • We design our work processes and production processes so they pose no immediate risk.
  • We determine, assess and take counter measures regarding potential hazards at the workplace.
  • We do not accept any safety-endangering behaviour.
  • We ensure that a comprehensive intact personal protective equipment is completely available for our employees.
  • Our occupational safety officer regularly performs inspections and prepares annual occupational safety reports.

Not only the company but also the employees have the responsibility for ensuring safe working conditions, which we promote and claim:

  • We enable and motivate each employee to a safety-conscious behaviour and to take on responsibility for his/her own safety, for the safety of colleagues and for the safe operation of our systems.
  • We encourage and recognize safety-conscious behaviour.
  • We support the cooperation of executives and employees to determine and assess hazards and to set up counter measures.
  • We provide regular safety trainings (external and internal trainings) to our employees based on topics related to their individual workplaces and offer even additional events, which are also supported externally.

Our occupational safety officer provides advice to all employees having inquiries with regard to occupational safety.