Environmental and Sustainability principles

The industrial society benefits from the development of natural resources and extraction of minerals from the wealth of nature. Technical progress and growing quality of life characterize these regions. It is our responsibility to preserve these assets for future generations and to provide a long-term perspective for quality of life and development to third countries.

We, management and employees, are co-responsible for this future.

Sustainability in the company has many faces. It is expressed in the ethics of economic trading, in assuming social responsibility and in the ecological approach of all business processes. A classical approach defining solely the pursuit of profit as business objective leads to the exploitation of resources in the long run. We consider it necessary to define economic objectives with ecologic and social boundary conditions, thus taking into account the appreciation of the complete system.

Company resources include business partners, workforce, technical installations and equipment, raw materials and energy.
In our Code of Conduct we already emphasized the importance of dealing with each other respectfully and to respect human rights. We value the continuation of these guidelines in the selection of our suppliers and business partners.

Approaching business processes social-ecological has a direct impact on an additional factor, the natural habitat, and takes up an important aspect, in particular, the environmental sustainability of corporate activities. Not only are raw materials and minerals subject of exploitation but often is also precious natural habitat destroyed through the installation of industrial processes.

Our economic trading is characterized by the awareness for the preservation of natural habitat and for dealing carefully with all raw materials and natural resources. Technical processes are subject to constant monitoring to guarantee the current state-of-the-art technology and to optimally minimize energy-consuming processes. We believe a basic prerequisite for the use of our products is the utmost environmental compatibility. We demonstrate the voluntary sustainability initiative of the chemical industry "Responsible Care" in our production.
We therefore not only focus on the effects on the environment and a careful treatment of resources when we further or newly develop products and systems, but that our customers are also able to treat resources carefully when using our products.

Waste and Emissions

We have implemented systems that ensure safety in the handling, Transport, storage and recycling of waste, exhaust and effluents. All activities that could potentially have a negative impact on human health or the environment are not carried out. Where these are necessary, they will be appropriately managed, measured and controlled before the release of the said substances.

Disposal and Recycling

We label, store and dispose of materials that pose a risk to the environment or humans in accordance with regulations. We separate solid waste and recycle it where possible. Employees shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and customer specifications regarding the prohibition or restriction of specific substances in products or in the manufacturing process, including the labelling requirement for recycling and disposal.